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Arrowsmith's CIP: Cognitive Intensive Program

Build a stronger brain Create a new reality Transform your future

Make learning easier!!!
Cost: Please call for pricing

All students can benefit!

Arrowsmith School’s Cognitive Intensive Program will target the Symbol Relations cognitive function that processes and understands ideas. This is a very important cognitive function that is involved in processing concepts, understanding and quickly grasping what we read and hear, gaining insight, logical reasoning, seeing connections between ideas, cause and effect processing, and mathematical reasoning.

This cognitive function plays out in academic learning as well as in understanding our world. Individuals at all levels of functioning in this area can benefit from this program. Our experience has been that through targeting this cognitive function, we see positive changes in the individual’s ability to understand the world around them. Reports from parents and students who attended previous Cognitive Intensive Programs are documented in the video.

Six weeks of your child’s summer can equate to one full year of gains made within our part time programme!

Arrowsmith campers

  • Hours – 8:45 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • 3 hours of Symbol Relations Cognitive Exercise 5 days per week over 8 weeks

Arrowsmith's SEP: Summer Extension Program (Returning Arrowsmith students only)

Build a stronger brain Create a new reality Transform your future

This programme is available as a summer extension to students that are enrolled in our full-time (FT) school or part-time (PT) Arrowsmith program during the academic school year.

Arrowsmith (Returning Students)

  • 3 week minimum but you can choose as many weeks as you like.
  • Other Activities: Physical and mindfulness activities, journaling, arts/crafts.

All summer fees are requested upfront to reserve your child’s time with a teacher.


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