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Summer Camp

As the school year ends, there is no rest for the hardworking staff at Cayman Learning Centre who have been busy ensuring we are all set for summer camp. The work trays are prepared, new games and resources purchased, and the prize shelf re-stocked for all the diligent pupils we will welcome over the holidays.

'Summer slide' can have a major impact on children’s learning, particularly affecting those pupils with little access to learning opportunities during the break. To tackle ‘summer slide,’ Cayman Learning Centre is proud to work in conjunction with ARK Cayman to provide discounted summer learning for 7 children during the holidays.

Preventing ‘summer slide’ is achievable with the following easy steps:

    1. Sign your child up/sponsor a child for summer camp at Cayman Learning Centre.
    2. Read, read, read!
      • Join the library and ask for book recommendations.
      • Provide a range of reading material for your child, matching interest with reading ability.
      • Create your own summer reading challenge - set a daily reading target for your child and have them log their minutes in a reading journal.
      • Read aloud to your child/have them listen to audio books to build vocabulary and listening comprehension.
      • Discuss the book – Why did you choose this book? What has happened so far? What do you think will happen next? Who was your favourite character? Why? Was the problem resolved? Did you learn any new words? Would you change anything about the book? Why? Would you recommend this book to others? Why/why not?
      • Just six books may be enough to prevent regression; how many more than that can your child read to ensure progression
    3. Encourage your child to keep a journal over the holidays.
    4. Turn daily activities into learning opportunities e.g. measure out the ingredients for a recipe or calculate the change due when shopping.
    5. Look for learning opportunities locally. Cayman Learning Centre is proud of our association with YMCA Cayman. We are cheering on Coach Carl Morgan at Island Games and know he will use his medal success to inspire all Y campers to try out new sports and activities this summer.
    6. Use planned holidays as a basis for a social studies project – Where is this country on the map? Draw the flag. Research the history. Find the longest river and the highest mountain. Investigate landmarks, cuisine, official languages, currency, famous people etc. Design your own tourist brochure.
    7. Play board games as a family.
    8. Remember to be creative – paint, draw, colour, experiment, take photographs and create a summer scrapbook – the possibilities are endless!
    9. Plant a garden. Under the guidance of Charlito, our homeschoolers built a planter and have a thriving farm. Try it at home!
    10. Make the most of our beautiful island home. Enjoy days out at the beach, the Botanic Park, and Pedro St. James. Climb the Observation Tower and see how many landmarks you recognize before playing in the fountains!
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