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  • Read & Spell Programme
    Read & Spell Programme

    Students focus on increasing the speed and stability of phonemic awareness, spelling, and sight word development in order to develop fluency and become contextual readers.

    Students move through a series of steps – from being able to read single consonants-vowel words to multisyllabic words and contextual reading.

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  • Intensive Read & Spell Programme
    Intensive Read & Spell Programme

    If your child is struggling to read or has been diagnosed with a reading difficulty, this program is for you! Intensive Read and Spell instruction directly applies phonemic awareness to the identification and sequencing of sounds in words.

    Students in this program move through a series of steps to learn how their mouths produce the sounds of language. This kinesthetic feedback enables them to verify the identity and sequence of sounds within words, and to become self-correcting in reading, spelling, and speech.

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  • Reading Comprehension Programme
    Reading Comprehension Programme

    Our reading comprehension programme helps struggling readers develop the sensory- function of concept imagery and critical thinking skills.

    Students move through a series of steps to learn the process for creating an image for words then sentences and connecting sentences with the meaning behind whole-paragraphs and beyond.

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  • Writing Programme
    Writing Programme

    Students learn the writing process- prepare, organize, write, edit and revise.

    Students consolidate skills in language mechanics and writing formats.

    Students understand writing prompts by focusing on text, audience and purpose.

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  • Math Programme
    Math Programme

    Unlike most math programs, our instruction directly applies conceptual understanding along with a focus on process learning to ascertain and retain math facts, solve word problems, and increasing the speed and stability of math computation.

    Students move through a series of steps – from imaging numerals and understanding quantity to developing quick and easy mental math strategies for the four operation (add, subtract, multiply and divide). Once a solid foundation in basics has been achieved, our students move to higher levels including working with decimals, fractions and high-school math.

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  • Study Skills: Growth Mindset Programme
    Study Skills: Growth Mindset Programme

    Transforming Students Motivation to Learn

    In this six week programme, students will develop a Growth Mindset. The Growth Mindset programme combines online, interactive animation with classroom-based activities to teach students how the brain changes with learning, and how they can use brain-based study strategies to accelerate their progress.

    Research shows that when students understand that they can develop their intelligence through learning, they are motivated to seek challenge, value learning, invest effort, and persist through difficulty- and they achive more highly. Let us help your middle-schooler develop a Growth Mindset.

  • Keyboarding Programme
    Keyboarding Programme

    This curriculum teaches keyboarding skills in a grade-appropriate and developmentally-based sequence. The focus is on a simplified approach to letter location and learning to use fingers correctly. Activities begin with separate hands.Students begin by building basic finger muscle strength and practice bilateral separation of the left and right hand.

    Activities are designed to expose students to a variety of fun, intuitive games and that keep them engaged and expand their knowledge of subjects as they become familiar with the structure and organization of the QWERTY key arrangement through our unique color-coded, row-based teaching method.In the first six weeks, we move through the fundamental six row-based QWERTY sections of the keyboard.

  • Home School Programme
    Home School Programme

    Students struggling in mainstream education, can receive help in our small 3:1 student-teacher ratio classes. A programme will be customized for your child focused on either remediation, core academics (English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science) or a combination of both.

    Students participate in daily social skill lessons to learn and practice appropriate behaviours in a class setting. An eight week programme focused on understanding motivation helps our students learn how we learn, develop study skills and understand the importance of a growth mind-set. Our goal is to give students the skills they need to reintegrate back to mainstream education.

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